HeroBakery GmbH

HeroBakery is an incredibly fresh & forward thinking StartUp headquartered in Munich. We are very happy to have a standout & extraordinary talented NextGeneration ChinaGermany Team | collaborating & co creating with NextGeneration masterminds | world class partners and people with impressive expertise & experiences from personal life | from both the very best education like Peking University | LMU | Harvard | Stanford & Co | from top companies as well as from truly brilliant entrepreneurship | taking ChinaGermany to a whole new level! Say 你好 & hallo!

HeroBakery is a cutting-edge market network with specialization on the upside of Greater China and Germany.

…A sophisticated marketplace, that connects and matches talent with strong academic and professional backgrounds to top-class job opportunities, effectively and easily.
…A next-generation network for today’s and tomorrow’s global leaders, up-and-coming entrepreneurs and outstanding business talent, eager to changing products and markets.
…A progressive Think Tank that can add the next wave of value for businesses through its active, entrepreneurial approach to gaining bespoken, in-depth insights in the 21st century, driving long-term value for the management.